Do You Have An Empowering State of Mind?

Dear friend, by state I mean your physiological and emotional state. Simply put, this is how you feel in the moment. You can be the most talented person in the world, but if you are in a disempowered emotional state you can’t achieve your goals.

You are in a disempowered state if you feel overwhelmed, uncertain, or fearful. These will influence your decisions and undermine your ability to reach your aspirations and goals. If you find you are constantly experiencing these you are only setting yourself up for failure.

As destructive as the disempowering states are, achieving an empowering state will give you the mental edge and attitude that you need to be successful. Here is a list of empowering states for business: certainty, confidence, clarity, courage, conviction, ambition, and passion. By remaining in these states the majority of the time you will be better equipped to handle the hurdles that you will encounter.

I understand that you can’t manage your state every minute of every day. You are not a robot. We live in a world where stuff happens, but when things start to go awry, that’s when state management really matters. When something goes wrong most people create a story to justify why they can’t have what they want. It stops them from being honest with themselves and seeing things as they really are. If you are able to manage your state during a setback to your plans, you can come out of it stronger by thinking your way through the following steps:

• Imagine your life as a map.
• Your goal: Wealth and success.
• Step one: See things as they really are.
• Step two: See things as better than they are.
• Step three: Make a plan to get there.

It isn’t about what you do; it is how you feel while you do it. So for example, technically the people that are treated the best today are those who were mistreated before who really didn’t like it, who wanted “something different” and they lined up with the “something different” until they came to expect to be well treated.

So my friends as you go through your day check in periodically with your state of mind. Do you feel empowered or disempowered?

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Until next time, make this a week one in which you are living your life to the fullest.
With appreciation and gratitude
Nigel St.Hill

Nigel St. Hill is a writer and a life coach helping women who are ready to discover their path to love, happiness, success and abundance , so that they could live the life of their dreams. He is the founder of and author of the book, Money Management Caribbean Style and several ebooks including 12 Secrets to Creating Money and Abundance Caribbean Style, 8 Money Management Secrets for Caribbean Women, Creative But Practical Ways to Save money, 8 Simple Ways to Live a Healthy Abundant Lifestyle, 9 Types of Relationships That Don’t Work and 7 Steps To Becoming An Empowered Single Woman .

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About Nigel St. Hill

Nigel St. Hill is an author, life coach and counsellor helping people discover the path to love, happiness, joy and success,, so that they can live the life of their dreams. Check out Nigel’s profile on Google+

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