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Hi my friend, happy Valentine and may the spirit of love be with you always. We will continue this week to look at the advantages and disadvantages of credit cards.

Our attention will be on the advantages of building a good credit history and how credit card companies make their money.


  • Building a Credit Line – Having a good credit history is often important, not only when applying for credit cards, but also when applying for things such as loans, rental applications, or even some jobs. Having a credit card and using it wisely (making payments on time and in full each month) will help you build a good credit history.


  • High Interest Rates and Increased Debt — Credit card companies charge you an enormous amount of interest on each balance that you don’t pay off at the end of each month. This is how they make their money and this is how most people get into debt (and even bankruptcy.)


Until next week, make it a great week one filled with love and blessings.



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