Meet Nigel and Get Inspired!

Nigel St.Hill skillfully blends life principles with practical guidance – and the result is a coaching style that empowers women to live a life of  love happiness joy and success!

While it now looks like I have it all figured out, it hasn’t always been that way…

I was born in the small rural village of Flat Rock St. George, in the little island of Barbados. Like most people I was conditioned to go to school, get a job, marry and live happily ever after.

Well, I did follow the script but it took me on a personal journey of turmoil and much anguish.

Those terrifying moments of my journey also provided the biggest opportunities for breakthroughs.

This more than any of the numerous areas of study I have undertaken qualifies me to do the work I have chosen.

As a certified Life Coach, my coaching and life work comes from a much larger and at the same time deeper place.

It comes from a place where I opted to exchange my high-flying corporate job and stable home life for a chance to do what I felt deep within my heart was my true life path. 

I wanted success. But I wanted it with joy and freedom, not with hard work and serious effort. I believed I could have both.

Having made those decisions, I now had to take control of my future. I got serious about everything relating to self-improvement.

I read every self-improvement book I could get my hands on with the ultimate goal of finding happiness and success.
To this end, I facilitated weekly personal developmental group sessions from 2001 to 2008.

It was during those sessions that I saw women’s lives being changed right before my eyes and that’s when I discovered some secrets which I now teach. And the rest is history.

What I did then was coaching, although I never called it that.

And that has been true of much of what I have done in my life – this feeling of having a purpose in supporting others to achieve their dreams, their goals, what has been truly important to them.

My friends always asked for my guidance before making decisions.

Time and time again, I was able to listen to another, hear which choices were important to that person and support them in pursuing those choices.

Among the hundreds of people I have coached and mentored, my focus is in helping women who are ready to uncover their path to Love, Happiness, Joy and Success by providing them with empowering informational products and Life Coaching.

I am the Founder of the online business and author of the book Money Management Caribbean Style and have also written a number of ebooks including:

• 12 Secrets to Creating Money and Abundance Caribbean Style
• 8 Money Management Secrets for Caribbean Women
• Creative But Practical Ways to Save Money
• 8 Simple Ways to Live a Healthy Abundant Lifestyle
• 9 Types of Relationships That Don’t Work (now on Amazon)
• 7 Steps To Becoming An Empowered Single Woman (now on Amazon)

I also wrote articles for In The Zone Magazine, Caribbean Success University and Bajandiaspora, a USA based online magazine.

Many readers have also benefited from my writings through Ezinearticles,, Pinterest, Tumblr and LinkedIn.

In 2015, I received the Small Business Association award for the most outstanding performance in the Maximizing Social Media for Small Business Entrepreneurship Training Series.

I currently facilitate the “Unlock Your Future Program” for fourth and fifth formers in three of Barbados’ Secondary Schools. This program is geared to preparing students for both life and the world of work.

I had the honor of seeing students from the program being propelled into the position of head girls and head boy at the three schools which I facilitated.

In January 2016 I came up with the idea and facilitated a Money Management programme for the students (most of them are partially blind and hearing impaired) at the Irving Wilson School, Barbados.

On the personal side, my passions include…

GE DIGITAL CAMERA1477604_559204930830532_2142992026_nWalking…hiking…dancing…listening to music… appreciation for the beauty in our world.. hearing the excitement in my clients’ voices when they make a breakthrough.. creating new programs for my clients… did I already mention dancing?

I just want to share with you the knowledge, experiences and insights that I have gained as a result of my own transformation.

Send us an email now at and find out how you can start working with Life Coach Nigel St.Hill Barbados Caribbean right away…