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How happy are you?

How good can you feel?

What is the best feeling thought that you can feel right now?

What is working in your life?

What would improve your life more than all other the things put together?

Do you know the power of feeling good?

Are you happy and contented personally?

There is nothing wrong in wanting to find happiness. Everyone seeks it and longs for it. Do not feel unworthy if you seek happiness. Only realize truly what your personal happiness has to be.

It differs for each of us. For example, I am very happy when I am on the dance floor, walking, hiking or seeing someone who was in one of my coaching programs life transformed in a short space of time.

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESLove is important for a person’s well-being; part of feeling happy and contented in life. If we do not have love and happiness, we can be caught in a web of self-pity, which blocks being successful.

Understanding that we can’t love another without first loving ourselves is the foundation of any healthy relationship.

Self-love is to value, honor and respect one’s being, i.e. body, mind and spirit with full awareness of one’s own inherent worth.

This concept of self-love is grounded on the premise that we must accept and love ourselves without conditions.

This kind of love expresses a quality of spirit, allowing us to embrace our shortcomings and doubts by acknowledging our individual strengths and what some call weaknesses but what I prefer to call areas for potential growth, without judgment.

Life has many aspects that need fulfillment, the three most important of these being work, relationships and personal growth.

If any of these are unfulfilled, it can cause unhappiness. If for example, a man and a woman get married at a very young age and one of them changes and grows in intelligence and wisdom and the other remains the same, these two people will have nothing in common when they are older.

Instead of making your happiness contingent upon future events, you can decide to be happy now. One way to do so is to live your life with an awareness that everything is love and life is sacred.

By allowing yourself to experience happiness and joy now, you are empowered. Take charge of your life and do not let outside influences determine how you feel. Be playful, be easy, have fun!

Allow yourself the luxury of humor, the luxury of listening to beautiful music and the luxury of sending and receiving love. Happiness is a choice, happiness is about perspective.

Choose the thoughts and beliefs that feel good. Do whatever you can to get happy. If you have to go to the beach every day, do it. If you have to dance, do it. If you have to exercise, do it. All of these things will bring you happiness.

Our society teaches us that we have to struggle to get things; it teaches us that we have to be intense about things and we have to be competitive.

However, when we peel away all the “layers of the onion” and get to the core of the matter that moves things, it is not anything outside of ourselves.

It all starts on the inside. The main challenge is to get to the core. When you make the shift, change flows from the core.

It is our internal value which creates money. Developing that internal value within ourselves and others is what creates money, abundance, wealth and prosperity.

People generally seek to create all of the above from the outside rather than from the inside. Abundance consciousness is free to everyone, but you must choose to develop it.

Most people choose not to. We don’t require anything outside ourselves to increase our abundance, or prosperity. All we need is within us, we have forgotten this.

The first step therefore is to remember this and then we have to increase our internal value, because what we have and what we do is valuable.

We have to honor ourselves and recognize that we have something to offer others. We set our own values; no one can do that for us. We do this by how we talk to ourselves.

Your knowledge in all things comes only through life experience, but your life experience comes as a result of the thoughts that you are thinking.

So even though you may have wanted something for a long time, if your thoughts have been upon the absence of it, then it could not come to you. And so, from your personal experience, you come to the conclusion that it is not possible or that it is a struggle.

It is my desire to assist you through your transformation by providing you with various tools, techniques and processes. I want to assist you to look at your life, your business and the world from a different perspective.

A new understanding and a willingness to write a new script and tell a different story will give you different results, and those different results will then give you different beliefs and knowledge.

You’re more powerful than your circumstances and stronger than your difficulties. You can have your heart’s desire.


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