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How to Become Empowered

Dear friend, what is the quality of your communication with yourself? What are you telling yourself? Is it empowering or dis-empowering you?   The quality of our life is the quality of our communication. It is not the events of our life that determine how we feel about things or how things turn out, but […]

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Uncover Your True Potential Through Self-Awareness

How Aware are You?

Dear friend Happy Easter! How are you today? I trust that you had a wonderful week and you are looking forward to an even greater one. Here are three questions for you this week.   (1) What is awareness? I am of the view that we are at point in humanity’s evolution when we are […]

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How to Find Self-love

Dear Friend, today I will pose this question to you, why is loving ourselves so important? Let me say up front, this has absolutely nothing to do with being arrogant.   Understanding that we can’t love another without first loving ourselves is the foundation of any healthy relationship. Self-love is to value, honor and respect […]

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How to Set Your Goals and Stay Focused In a Changing World

Why Do Successful People Set Goals?

Dear friend, most of us will have tried a form of goal setting in the past and, more often than not, will have fallen short of our targets. The most common demonstration of this phenomenon is the New Year Resolution that is often forgotten a week later or the colleague who always seems to “be […]

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Ten Easy Steps to Empowerment

5 Empowering Ways to Achieve Greatness

Dear friend, have you ever come across a person who is so naturally friendly that when you put him/her inside a room of strangers, he’ll/she’ll be friends with almost everyone in no time? We call such a people-person, someone so unbelievably nice and charismatic that he/she can charm anyone into doing anything. A socially-empowered person […]

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