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4 Secrets of the Rich and Famous

Dear friend, do you want to know 4 secrets of the rich and famous? Be goal-oriented, learn all you could about finances, diversify and spend your money wisely. You cannot achieve bigger things if you only have small dreams. There is nothing to lose in dreaming big. That’s what wealthy people do. It is a […]

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How to Get What You Want

Dear friend, it is all about focus. If we use money as an example, you know what you don’t want. You don’t want to be deprived of the things you want to do, you don’t want to have debt high and financial pressure high, you don’t want to struggle; you don’t want to work hard […]

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Don’t Despair – Here’s How to Live Your Dreams

Dear friend, how do you keep focused on your dreams and desires with all the negatives in the world around you?  It is as EASY as learning YOUR ABC.   Here is an alphabet of tips which I invite you to consider. A - Achieve your dreams. Avoid negative people, things and places. B - […]

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Money and Abundance Workshops in B’dos

Dear friend, You asked for it, Now here it is. Money and Abundance Workshops being offered in Barbados - February 2014 Are you REALLY serious about taking control of YOUR MONEY in 2014? We have something brand new and very exciting for YOU Money and Abundance Workshops being offered in February 2014 These practical four […]

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How to Attract Money and Abundance

2 Great Budgeting Tips

Dear friend, this week I will be sharing with you 2 great budgeting tips that will help you reach your financial goals. A budget can help you pay your bills on time, cover unexpected emergencies, and reach your financial goals—now and in the future. Most of the information you need for your budget is already […]

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Easy Cash Flow System

Do You Believe that You Create Your Own Destiny?

Dear friend, do you believe that you create your own destiny? Destiny refers to the predetermined course of events in one’s life. The idea of destiny has a deep history and divine intervention is the most popular belief. People trust that their lives depend on the will of a supernatural being. All of the actions […]

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