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Hello and a warm welcome. I am Nigel, a certified Life and Money Management Coach helping women who are ready to uncover their path to Money, Abundance, and Prosperity by providing them with empowering informational products and life and money management coaching.

I am the founder of http://www.moneyandabundance.com and author of the book Money Management Caribbean Style and several eBooks including 12 Secrets to Creating Money and Abundance Caribbean Style, 8 Money Management Secrets for Caribbean Women, Creative But Practical Ways to Save money, 8 Simple Ways to Live a Healthy Abundant Lifestyle and 7 Steps To Becoming An Empowered Single Woman.

I was born in a small, rural village, called Flat Rock, in the Parish of St. George, Barbados, in the West Indies, Caribbean.

I worked with Cable & Wireless (now LIME) as their Credit Manager and had the honour of becoming the first person in the Caribbean to be qualified in Credit Management. During my tenure with Cable & Wireless I conducted extensive training programs for employees of Cable & Wireless in Barbados, Grenada, St.Lucia and St.Vincent and wrote the first Standard Credit Management Procedure for Cable & Wireless Barbados.

In addition to Credit Management, I also worked for a number of years in the hospitality industry as a night auditor and was Credit Administrator for the Harris Group of Companies.

Between 2001 and 2008 I conducted weekly developmental group sessions. It was during these sessions that I saw people’s lives being changed right before my eyes. There were persons who came to every session that I had over those seven years.

Out of these sessions, I developed a number of products which can be found in our online shop at: www.moneyandabundance.com
These include:
• Uncovering Your True Potential Through Self-awareness
• How to Create A New Money Management Mindset
• 10 Easy Steps to Empowerment
• Money Management – Caribbean Style
• The Easy Cash Flow System
• The Complete Guide to Life Skills for Today’s Youth
• 12 Secrets to Money and Abundance – Caribbean Style
• Practical But Creative Ways to Save Money – Caribbean Style

In 2008- 2009 I set up a collection system for one of the leading paint companies in the region, which enabled them to recover thousands of dollars within a six month period. This additional revenue provided them with the opportunity to carry out other major projects which had previously been on hold.

Always one for sharing my knowledge and experiences with the world, I submitted numerous articles to the local newspapers and magazines on Change Management, Money Management and Credit Management. I also wrote articles for In the Zone Magazine and Caribbean Success University. Currently, I write on money matters for Bajandiaspora, a USA based online magazine. Many readers have also benefited from my writings through Ezinearticles, Selfgrowth.com, Pinterest, Tumblr and LinkedIn.

With a thirst for continued learning, in 2011 I completed the Adult and Continuing Education and Teaching Certificate (TVET) Train- the-Trainer Course and in 2015, I received the Small Business Association award for the most outstanding performance in the Maximizing Social Media for Small Business Entrepreneurship Training Series.

In early September 2011, I launched The Complete Guide to Life Skills for Today’s Youth.
This is a youth program that addresses such topics as the mind, emotions and feelings, intuition, self-esteem and self-confidence, interpersonal relationships and money management.
I am currently the facilitator of the “Unlock Your Future Program” for fourth and fifth formers in three of Barbados’ Secondary Schools. This program is geared to prepare students for both life and the world of work.

Change management, human resources development, health care, walking, hiking, dancing, cricket, music.

I love creating and delivering life changing material both virtually as well as in person.

As a certified Life and Money Management Coach, I am passionate about helping people unlock their doors to abundance, so that they can live the life of their dreams. Specializing in helping people to change the way they think about life and money and in the process improve their lives. And abundance is not only about money, but it is also about a life well lived.

A solution oriented individual with many talents and gifts, my desire is to share with you the knowledge, experiences and insights that I have gained as a result of my own transformation.

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